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Q: Does a platform bed come with a headboard or footboard?

A: A platform bed does not need to come with a head or footboard, but many modern styles have them included, often with a headboard only.

Platform Bed

Q: What makes Japanese platform beds different from “normal” platform beds?

A: Japanese platform beds are known for their gently swooping lines. The style is very popular in Japan and usually comes with Tatami Mats, which are usually made of straw and for keeping people and objects separated from the bed frame. This frame would usually cost a few hundred dollars more than the normal platform bed.

Q: How many slats should a platform bed have?

A: If a platform bed has slats (instead of a straight flat base), 12-14 slats are desirable for mattress support.

Q: What materials are usually used to make platform beds?

A: Platform beds are often made of hardwoods that are commonly harvested in Asia , such as teak, rubberwood and palm. To know more about types of wood, you can look at our blog posts on the subject for more information.

Q: I am pricing new bedroom sets. I have a queen mattress/boxspring. I’ve seen platform beds that I like, but none are ever displayed with the box spring. What are the pros/cons of using the box spring on a platform bed?

A: You can use a box spring under your regular mattress on a platform bed. The addition of the box spring mattress will just make the bed higher than normal. If that is what you want, there is no reason you can’t do it.

Q: Where can i learn how to build a platform bed?

A: There are some resources online but you need to pay to get the complete guide, you can also look at : How to build a platform bed.

A: If you all ready have a wooden frame bed just screw on wooden cleats about 1/2inch from the top of the rails, lay in 1/2inch plywood sheets to fit,, and you have a plat form bed..!! If you want to make your own from scratch,, try or just use your search engine for platform beds.

Q: The wooden slats on my platform bed broke so I brought another set. The ones I brought kept sliding off so now I just want to get rid of them. Please help me if you know how.

A: If your bed sits on a frame, the wooden slats help hold it on, and support the bed. If you don’t use slats, the bed will most likely break. Take good slats, and drill a hole in the end of each slat, and into the frame support, then slide a nail in each hole, or screw in a screw. One per end of each slat and your slats will stay in place. don’t try hammering in nails or the wood will split, drill holes first. Little holes. Use nails that are just long enough to slide through the slat and into the support, but not so long they stick up.Or, remove the bed frame, take it down and out of your room,and sit your bed on the floor.

Q: How can I make a nice platform bed for cheap?

A: I made a platform for my bed in college out of plywood and put braces in the corners for support. At first I painted it, then I decoupaged some really cool zebra wrapping paper over that and then I covered it in fabric. I made the base a little smaller than the top part that the mattress was on for toe clearance for making the bed and made a little rim around the edge with molding. The hole thing cost me under $50.

A: Get 20 plastic milk crates – arrange on the floor in 5 rows Lay two 2″X4″ over each row (10 pcs)add 2 to 4 pieces of Plywood (depending how wide you want it)Cover plywood with carpet or old blanket – add mattress (you can substitute crates with cinder blocks)

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