How many slats does a Bed Need?

I have often seen people asking the question, “Do I need a boxspring?” or “How many slats does a bed need?”  Well, if you bought a bed with slats, then you have the option of adding a boxspring or not using a boxspring because bed slats are actually a built-in frame that support the mattress on a bed.  Bed slats usually provide a more rigid support than a boxspring does, depending on the type of boxspring.  Some people choose to add a boxspring on top of the slat system to increase the sleeping height while others like the low profile look that is achieved without the boxspring.

For the question “How many slats does a bed need?”, this should only be a concern if you want to build the bed yourself, since manufacturers should design and build their beds to the proper specifications.  Standard beds (non-platform beds) only require 3 or 4 cross slats with a center support rail for full (double), Queen, & King sizes.  You will require a boxspring foundation for your standard bed to rest on top of the 3 0r 4 cross slats.  Platform beds should have 10 to 15 slats, depending on the width of the slats and will still require a center support rail.  Some platform beds have less supporting slats but have a full sheet of plywood or similar panel laid on top to provide a solid surface support for the mattress.  Both slats and solid panel support systems are acceptable.

Retro Platform Bed Slats:


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